All you need to know about Intimate Wash

When it comes to self-care no one does it better than women. Whether it’s about finding the best home remedies or picking the best skincare products, women know it all! But what about the intimate parts? Do women really care about their intimate areas as much as they do for the rest of the body parts? Well, I doubt. Do you remember when was the last time you bought or used a special product to take care of your intimate areas? If not, then let me tell you how necessary it is to maintain intimate hygiene.


Intimate Hygiene

Intimate hygiene isn’t a topic you generally pick for discussions with your sisters or close friends. So naturally, girls tend to make a big mistake which is using the same bathing soap for both body and intimate areas. Now you must be wondering what’s so wrong with doing so, right? So the matter of fact is that skin around your intimate area is much more delicate than the rest of your body. This is why it needs special care.


pH Level Matters

The pH level of our body and vagina also varies. Did you know that a healthy vagina is acidic, and the pH ranges from 3.5 to 4.5. But most of the bathing soaps have a pH greater than 4.5.


Say No To Bathing Soaps

Still didn’t get it? Well using a bathing soap down there could disturb the pH level of the vagina thus leading to vaginal issues like foul or fishy odor and irritation. Which is it calls for  a special product that is milder and is specially crafted to cleanse your vagina while maintaining its pH level.


Though the doctors suggest we can use water, if we are looking for a cleaner, healthier and fresher feeling, there is no harm in using an intimate wash. And in additional intimate wash locks in odour of your vagina for upto 8 hours keeping it clean and safe from possible diseases and Infection. 

Niconi Intimate wash has it all. This is gynac prescribed intimate wash with ideal pH according to you age. Include it in your daily routine and make it a habit for a happy vagina. 

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