About us



NICONI is the fruit of our experience, passion and knowledge in the field of cosmetic research. A team of professionals with one goal in common: to devote our efforts to building this ambitious project, bringing our vision to the development of hair care and skin care beauty products.

NICONI was founded by Dr.VimalTolia and since then it has been associated with the world of hair care and skin care for several generations. The company established as its first objective the search for maximum quality and the provision of added value to its range of products.

Right at the beginning, NICONI set up a high-tech laboratory and since then it has been characterized by its innovative spirit, technical excellence and international profile.

NICONI very soon won widespread recognition. Professionals appreciate the quality of its products, reflected in both its commitment to customer service and the high level of the design and packaging.

We are witnesses to a society that is more and more expert every day and which examines both the excellence of the products and the values of the brands. We are satisfied to see that the clients of hair salons on the five continents identify more and more closely with our ideals: the search for hair beauty through health, the therapeutic potential of the natural ingredients, the potential of a cosmetic that assimilates the characteristics of each hair fiber, the cultural heritage of the India and the recognition of the world’s ethnic and social diversity.

Our next challenge is to maintain our total commitment to these values and continue to meet the demands of our great international team of professionals.