myths and facts about waxing


Waxing is one of the most superior ways of hair removal from the root. To wax or not? That's the question many of us ask to ourselves once it's summer, well if you're second guessing about your waxing then let me tell you that everything you hear from your friends and family are not exactly true, there are so many conspiracy theories about waxing.

In this blog, We will debunk some common myths about waxing. Keep reading!



Myth - Waxing can make your hair grow back thicker

Fact - This is not true, waxing simply alters the growth cycle of your hair but will not alter it's thickness. The exfoliating nature of this hair removal method help your skin feel and look smoother.

Myth - Waxing is painful

Fact - Every skin reacts different. So it depends on skin types and varies from person to person. Since you're pulling hair out from the root waxing won't feel like massage but we assure you that we have a less painful solution for you to try (product link)

Myth - Your hair has to be long to wax it

Fact - Well, that's actually not true, your hair only has to be at least ¼ inch long i.e. size of a grain of rice to get a smooth finish.

Myth - Waxing is for younger women only

Fact - Definitely not true. Agreeing to this would be as similar as saying there's an end time to feel beautiful. There's no age limit for waxing, you can feel beautiful regardless of age!

Myth - You can't wax on your period

Fact - Of course you can. Just note that because of hormonal influxes you will be a bit hypersensitive.


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