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Niconi Tan Removal Ammonia Free Oxygen Face Bleach For Regular & Oily Skin - 600gm

Niconi Tan Removal Ammonia Free Oxygen Face Bleach For Regular & Oily Skin - 600gm

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  • Premium quality “lotion based best bleach for oily skin and regular skin” not only lightens your facial hair, but makes your face appear brighter and fairer by neutralizing unwanted melanin by oxygen.
  • Get Visible tan removal, instant skin whitening, lasting glow & polished skin in just minutes
  • Gentle, designed for all skin types(regular, oily, dry, sensitive), works according to the pH of your skin
  • No harsh smell of ammonia/chemicals, no redness, rashes, no teary eyes or itching. Helps reduce dark spots and blemishes instantly.
  • This is Worlds first Non irritating and Self timing bleach formula which is safe for the most sensitive skin & Leaves the skin youthful and fair. Recommended and approved by Salon Professionals.

Your skin needs some pamper and care and what else could be a better option than bleaching your skin. 'Niconi Detan Ammonia Free best bleach for oily skin and regular skin' is specially formulated for people with dry and sensitive skin. It not only rejuvenates your skin by removing the dead skin cells but also removes tan leaving a younger looking skin behind. It helps to enhance the glow while instantly lightening the dark spots and blemishes. This is the best bleach for oily skin and regular skin and has been designed specially by keeping your skin's pH in mind and it changes color to show the work done once applied. So you don't have to keep an eye on timer!

Founded by Dr. Vimal Tolia, an expert in the field of hair and skin care, Niconi is an exceptional brand boasting of hair and skin care products of premium quality. Developed by a team of experts at a high-tech laboratory, the brand 'Niconi' comes under the company Sun Chem India and has globally gained recognition for its beautifully designed, all-natural, Ayurvedic and easy to use skin and personal care products. 
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